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 hakura abillities

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PostSubject: hakura abillities   Sun May 25, 2008 11:54 am

Hakura (meaning Oak): Forest Spirits (you didn't put wood manipulation, did you? Sorry if you did)

Info: The Hakura do not come from this world, and live in the deep forests, where they tend to the trees. Hakura have few combat abilities, mostly specializing in healing, defense or group combat, usually involving the mind or wood.. They all can be a variety of animals, but only one per person.


Wooden Flute: A simple flute that has Metal darts hidden inside. If blown the right way, the needle will shoot out at the oponent.

Shamisen: A Japanese instrument. Playing a note properly will also fire a metal poisoned dart at an opponent.

Poison and Remedies: the Hakura can heal most injuries or cause grevious maladies with herbs, due to their knowledge of the forest.

Familiars: lower-classed forest spirits with the ability of human thought and speech. They can be almost any animal (for example, Jan's is a cat)


Wood manipulation: basic ability.

Vine arm (Genin): Not really a Jutsu, jsut a bloodline ability that shoots vines out of the user's arm to entangle and ensnare others. Has little offensive ability, and is used mainly to hold people down. The vines are strong enough to be able t osupport a small tank without snapping.

Sieve (Genin): a nonoffensive ability that prevents chakra wastage by collecting excess chakra (when chakra control is bad, even with a lot of stamina, chakra would be wasted) and storing it in a deactivated reality marble. This can all be let out in a case when chakra is depleted or for a jutsu that would need more chakra than the user has.

Blade Breaker (Genin, weapon Jutsu): Used with any sword. This will prevent the sword from being able to damage an unarmed opponent (a cut will merely glance off), but will inflict unusual amounts of dmaage on the opponent's weapon.

Battle meditation (Chuunin): a nonoffensive Jutsu that has no offensive or defensive capabilities. The user can be in any position, but cannot move while this Jutsu is active. It increases the abilities of allies around tehm and can strengthen their will and power. This ability may seem useless until there are several Hakura who use this ability, at which the ability will be collective (that is, 4 Hakura would mean 2x2x2x2 power boost)

Healing Light (Chuunin): yet another nonoffensive jutsu, it releases all the chakra from Sieve and can use it to heal others.

Sap (Chuunin): A vine is extended from the hand into a tree, absorbing the tree's chakra and nutrients. Basically Useable when the user is unalbe to eat, or needs to heal. This takes time, and if the user is forced to dodge and thus seperate the vine, he/she cannot gain any more chakra.

Yggdrasil Root (Jounin): Giant Roots that are capable of leveling buildings cna shoot out of the ground to ensnare or damage opponents.

Wood Horn: A nonoffensive ability that heals minor wounds of allies and increases their strength. It can be heard by all Hakura nearby

Spirit Release (Kage level): This Jutsu will release the spirits of nature around the user (Trees, Grass) and use it to increase the power of the user and his allies several times their regular amount. However, they must assume part of their forest spirit form (for example, cat ears, deer antlers, wolf claws) to hold this excess chakra
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hakura abillities
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